June 17, 2009

School Picnic

Arent' they cute? What a great bunch of friends Tyler has. Most of them have been in the same class for 4 years now...and one has been with her since preschool. It's so amazing to watch these little personalities grow and change each year. The picnic was a nice way to get together with parents to celebrate the end of the school year. Ahhhhhh.....no more alarms, no more packing lunches and snacks, or running back and forth to the school....summer fun is just around the corner! Ty is signed up for Drama Camp and is also hoping to be picked for Break into Business Camp this summer. We haven't heard yet. It's kind of like the Apprentice for kids LOL. My girl is always looking for a way to make some money. The camp starts with a business plan and all the steps involved until selling their product at the Farmer's Market. At her age I was completely into sports, but this girl wants to be a Pop Star✭ with great business sense :) .

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And all so cute!!!!!!!!