July 23, 2009

On the Road Again....

Wow....we haven't stopped!!! We were in PEI last weekend. Had a wonderful time with everyone. Sunday we headed home. This week Jody and I have been scouting all the lakes for cottages. We've been to East Grand Lake, Lake George, Skiff Lake, Davidson Lake, North Lake, Grand Lake, French Lake, and Maquapit Lake. We've been looking at cottages and lots for possibly building one. We've also been looking at Ocean properties online. I would L♡VE to own something on the Ocean, but the drive every weekend would suck! My husband is cute as hell, but I'm convinced he suffers from narcolepsy.

Tyler has been enjoying Drama Camp this week. She will be playing Glinda the Good Witch at Friday's finale. After the perfomance Tyler and I will meet Jody in Fredericton for Jody's brother's wedding until Sunday. Next week we are renting a cottage for a week and going off the grid. No cell phones, no computer...something the Wheeler family is not used to!!! Looking forward to some rest, relaxation and family fun.

July 17, 2009

PEI or Bust

WooHoo....it's overcast and rainy and we are headed to PEI for the weekend. It's my last weekend to spend with my best friend Tanya before she heads back to California (where the sun and hot weather is). I can't believe our visit is almost over. I miss having her closer and when she is here...time flies by!!!! It's gonna be a fun weekend even if the weather sucks. Shelta and Stephanie (Tan's sisters) and their families will be there too. The only one missing will be Shayne (Tan's husband).

July 16, 2009

Drama Surrounds Us

Well what a freakin' week. My poor Mom has had quite a struggle with her move. First the movers were a day late, and when the movers finally showed up one of them decided to steal her camera! It hasn't been packed because they knew she was leaving with it that day. She took pictures all day of the progress. Then she turned around and it was gone and so were the movers. She said to her friend when one of the men was leaving that he had quite a bulge in his pants...not thinking it was her camera. She contacted the company as soon as she arrived here and it is currently under investigation. She spent a day cleaning like a mad woman. Tried to tell her that no one cleans a house like that when moving....but she insisted. Stuborn? Proud? A little of both but I love her just the same ;)

I tried to tie up lose ends here in town before our vacation begins. Husband and I had a huge fight at the end of the day. Then I find out someone quit at the office today. Yup, I'm an ass and this is a nice way to start a vacation. My husband is already stressed enough...didn't need to worry about this during our vacation. There is always something! Everyone thinks it's great to own a business...but if you had to deal with all the shit behind the scenes you might not think that way. What was my motto a few days ago?....oh yeah..."I don't care."

Just finished payroll and vacation pay. Paid all the bills I'm gonna pay for the next two weeks. My office is officially closed. Next step, vacation.

July 15, 2009

The Big Day!!!

Well, today is the big day. We are getting a new room mate. My Momma is moving in. I haven't lived with her since I was 18!!!! Am I freaked out? Ya...a little. Am I stressed? Yup...but I'm a stress bucket anyway. Am I excited? Yes, she is finally getting to open a new chapter in her life! Poor Mom, I think I have her stressed out with my reservations...but we are very different people. Mom has lived in silence for the last 2 years and that is how she likes it. Our house on the other hand is pure chaos. We like it loud and busy. Add two dogs and a hamster to the mix and I'm sure some days it will be just too much for her! I like my glass of wine....she doesn't drink. Her house is always neat and tidy, mine is usually a mess. We've set up the guest room for her as best we could to make her feel comfortable. She wanted me to remove the new bedding, it's white and she said she wouldn't feel comfortable to lay down on it. I put the old bedding, hooked up a TV....finally added curtains to that room. I also cleared out the closet to make some space for her. Now I have a pile of stuff to put somewhere in my closet. On another note we have too much shit and need to have a yard sale desperately!!! OK....something else to stress about ;)

July 14, 2009

Revisiting my Youth

Two days in a row now Tyler and I have been watching Grease & Grease 2. I LOVED these movies as a kid. Especially the original. I wore out the album!!! Amazing how you can still remember all the words of the songs over 25 years later. Tyler was so excited this morning when we stumbled on Grease 2. She seems really into it...especially since I told her that these movies were my High School Musical in the day. :)

July 12, 2009

My New Motto

Lately you can hear these words out of my mouth often... "I don't care." I guess it's been an easier way to deal with things. You see, I tend to be highly over emotional. I take everything to heart. Overanalyze? Yup! Sometimes I think I have OCD. I go over situations or conversations over and over in my head. So, I have adapted a new attitude. It's called I don't give a shit. It's probably not a great attitude, but I find it is helping to get through some things.

I'm staring out my window and see a ton of clouds coming in.....argh....breathe deep....."I don't care."

Girls Nite X 2

Wow! Busy weekend. I haven't been out on a girls nite in awhile and this weekend I had two! Tan is home from Cali so we had a Nackawic nite at Bobby's Rec Room on Friday and then a Fredericton nite at McGinnis Landing and Dolan's. Great chats and laughs at both. Happy to have my best friend home! Treated myself to a hotel room last night sans family and pets. I slept solid! Hubby was in Moncton celebrating with his brother who is getting married in two weeks.

July 9, 2009


Finally we are having some sunshine! Honestly, I thought I was stuck in a grey world. I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and was starting to feel like I was crawling back into the winter blues. I NEED SUN! Honestly I am a different person when I have sunshine in my life. I have more energy, I am happier and definitely less Bitchy!!! When I don't have sun it's like I'm on permanent PMS. Poor Jody....over 30 days of rain in a row. So now ♩♪♫♬"I'm walking on sunshine , wooah...I'm walking on sunshine, woooah...I'm walking on sunshine, woooah...and don't it feel good!! ♬♫♪♩

July 7, 2009

The Ride of My Life...

OMG....I feel like I am on an amusement park ride that never lets me off. LOL. I haven't had a minute to even update my Blog! Had a wonderful day with the Ritchie's last Thursday in F'ton. April is the best host ever! Always has a yummy lunch waiting. Tyler and I met up with April and the kids after my acupuncture appointment. Dr. Bunin was great and showed Tyler all the needles in my back and thoroughly explained the process. By the end of it my girl who is terrified of needles thought she might be ready to try it.

On the weekend we traveled to Moncton for my family reunion with the Powers. I haven't went to the last two since my Dad died. Oddly, I've been terrified to spend time with his sisters or any family that reminded me of him. I guess I've been terrified that I would crawl back into a hole of sadness. I wasn't ready to face everyone. In the end, we had a great time...especially Tyler.

Monday we spent the day in F'ton with Tanya and the girls who are home from California. Finally had a chance to see Shelta's house after almost a year. The kids had a blast and it was great to catch up with my girls!

Today was a day to deal with all the chaos in my mother's life. The lot she purchased last year was a freakin' dud that would cost a fortune to develop...on to plan B or C or D. Been all over Woodstock and back today, but we have found her options.

Think I'm heading back to Freddy tomorrow to see Tan again. Ummmmm.....I think I need a glass of wine.