July 16, 2009

Drama Surrounds Us

Well what a freakin' week. My poor Mom has had quite a struggle with her move. First the movers were a day late, and when the movers finally showed up one of them decided to steal her camera! It hasn't been packed because they knew she was leaving with it that day. She took pictures all day of the progress. Then she turned around and it was gone and so were the movers. She said to her friend when one of the men was leaving that he had quite a bulge in his pants...not thinking it was her camera. She contacted the company as soon as she arrived here and it is currently under investigation. She spent a day cleaning like a mad woman. Tried to tell her that no one cleans a house like that when moving....but she insisted. Stuborn? Proud? A little of both but I love her just the same ;)

I tried to tie up lose ends here in town before our vacation begins. Husband and I had a huge fight at the end of the day. Then I find out someone quit at the office today. Yup, I'm an ass and this is a nice way to start a vacation. My husband is already stressed enough...didn't need to worry about this during our vacation. There is always something! Everyone thinks it's great to own a business...but if you had to deal with all the shit behind the scenes you might not think that way. What was my motto a few days ago?....oh yeah..."I don't care."

Just finished payroll and vacation pay. Paid all the bills I'm gonna pay for the next two weeks. My office is officially closed. Next step, vacation.

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The Perrys said...

Ugh. It IS always sumin'. The upside: Happy vacay!!