July 23, 2009

On the Road Again....

Wow....we haven't stopped!!! We were in PEI last weekend. Had a wonderful time with everyone. Sunday we headed home. This week Jody and I have been scouting all the lakes for cottages. We've been to East Grand Lake, Lake George, Skiff Lake, Davidson Lake, North Lake, Grand Lake, French Lake, and Maquapit Lake. We've been looking at cottages and lots for possibly building one. We've also been looking at Ocean properties online. I would L♡VE to own something on the Ocean, but the drive every weekend would suck! My husband is cute as hell, but I'm convinced he suffers from narcolepsy.

Tyler has been enjoying Drama Camp this week. She will be playing Glinda the Good Witch at Friday's finale. After the perfomance Tyler and I will meet Jody in Fredericton for Jody's brother's wedding until Sunday. Next week we are renting a cottage for a week and going off the grid. No cell phones, no computer...something the Wheeler family is not used to!!! Looking forward to some rest, relaxation and family fun.

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simonne said...

Yep! I can attest to that! You guys have been busy!!! Is it because I am here or what!!!!