August 21, 2009


So today as I was looking out my window and was again irritated with my neighbor across the street. It took everything I had to calm my ass down from going across the street and bitching at him. The house has been for sale for at least 2 years. Overpriced I might add. They have never finished the landscaping...the man has no lawn...just a big field of weeds. Someone rents the house so the lawn or should I say weeds get mowed about twice per summer. I'm just fed up. I've been looking at this damn house for 7 years...when is enough enough? I guess that's what happens when you move in somewhere without a convenance. Don't get me took us awhile after we built the house to get a lawn....but every year we've did more to our house. Two owners in this house now and nothing has been done.....arghhhhh. Wanna sell your house buddy? Get a freakin' lawn!


simonne said...

a little bit of your Mom in you hein?

Tyler said...

good thing he was mowing his weeds the other day but it is still a big sack of weeds!

Rachel said...

The guy 2 doors down from us just bought the house and is renovating (to flip it and make some fast bucks). He has been sawing, drilling, you name it non-stop for the past two weeks. PLUS, he's burning all the garbage in the back yard. I'm pretty sure that's illegal! What a pain! It's a good thing our other neighbours are nice.