September 28, 2009


Well I didn't change my "make a change day" and today I'm making a change. I am venturing on Day 1 of a one month cleanse. It is all natural, no pills....lots of fruits and vegetables. It's based on a book that my friend Tanya recommended called " Detox: The Process of Cleansing and Restoration" by Sara Rose. Overall we are healthy eaters but I will be eliminating Sugar, Wheat and Dairy for this cleanse. Day one so far has been good. I think the most difficult part will be no coffee. I'm really hoping that I will have the strength to stick to it. It's basically, fruits, veggies, beans and nuts (with a little bit of fish here and there). If I'm lucky maybe I'll drop a few pounds in the process. God knows my ass could use it :)

September 27, 2009

Good Mourning

Finally sat down and watched the Grey's Anatomy premier entitled "Good Mourning". Wow....I cried through the whole thing. It dealt with the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. All of those things I have dealt with in the past few years after losing my father, the relationship with one of my best friends, the death of both of my cats, my mother-in-law being diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer and a few other things that I don't care to discuss on here. I guess the part of the episode that hit me the hardest was when Bailey described how she can't care anymore she has to stop caring so much; she cant keep feeling like this. I've been doing this for a few years now. Shut off so many of my emotions, lock them down deep inside. I used to be so involved with everyone's lives. My husband used to think I was everyone's therapist. I shut it off. Put up a wall. Developed the "I don't care attitude". Wow....this episode really resonated with me.

September 26, 2009

A New Day

As I wake up this morning and for the 1000th time say to myself this is going to be a new day. I need to make changes. I need to exercise more, eat less, be happier, less bitchy, read more inspirational books and less fluff books. Embrace the day! Most days are good, but sometimes I feel there is something missing from my life. I'm not sure what it is. I just have this nagging feeling inside me that says make a change. How many Monday's have I woke up and said this week will be different. But then somehow, I fall into the same routine. Have you ever felt this way? No one is stopping me from making a change...except for myself. Maybe I need to change my "Make a change day"......

September 24, 2009

Fall TV

So if you know me you know that I LOVE summer. End of summer sucks! It makes me think that winter is around the corner...but the one light at the end of the summer tunnel is the new Fall TV programming. Have you found any new ones that you like? So far I'm liking Vampire Diaries (I'm obsessed with Vampires), Cougar Town was hilarious, Glee was a great find (thanks Theo), I enjoyed Eastwick , and I'm even checking out Melrose Place (was a huge fan in the 90s). I'm anxious for my old favorites to start back up too. We got a new TV and I'm loving it. I'm slightly addicted to TV....not alot to do here in Woodstock. :)

Your Word....

I've been very irritated the last few days with people and their words or promises.

It started off with my Mother and her contractor....he's full of empty promises about when her house was going to start. Everyday I would watch my Mother become more upset with this man as he would promise .... "we'll be there tomorrow."

Now my story....well I recently brought some work to a local business. I was told it would be completed in 2 weeks. We are now about to go into week 4!!!!!!! I called her 5 times yesterday and she wouldn't answer the damn phone. Finally I got a hold of her when calling from a different number. She promised me the work would definitely be done today....guess's NOT! I tried to calmly explain to her that nothing drives me more crazy then someone promising me something by a certain date and they are no where near having it finished. Don't give me a freakin' date! I told her that if it wasn't done by tomorrow morning I would be picking it up anyway. What pisses me off even more is that I know other people have been in and had work completed. Just because mine is a bigger job she keeps putting it off. Needless to say I will not be going back to this business....EVER.

Empty promises. Seems my life is full of them lately!

September 8, 2009

First Day of School

My daughter started Grade 4 today. Where has the time gone? I know people say that all the time, but I seriously mean it. It seems like yesterday I was dropping her off to daycare for the first time when she was only three years old....I came home and cried pretty much all day. Every year I look at her in does she grow and change so much? She is such a special girl. She is kind, funny, beautiful (inside & out) and so loving. I thank God for her everyday. She brings me so much joy. Hope you are having a great day Ty....I miss you like crazy. xo

September 1, 2009

2nd Annual Back to School Concert

This past May I heard that the Jonas Brothers were going to be doing a concert in TO. We decided to get tickets since they were Tyler's favorite band. :) Last year we saw Avril Lavigne. :) The concert turned out to be great. Jody and I were really impressed with the vocals and the show in general. The opening acts were Honor Society and Jordan Sparks. Tyler was thrilled when Demi Levato also made a special appearance. I have to say there is nothing better then watching your daughter's eyes twinkle while she watches a band live that she watches on TV and reads about pretty much daily. :))) Jody and I both love music and were so happy to watch Tyler sing along to all the songs.

We had a wonderful weekend in Toronto with the Kumari family. They spoiled us rotten! Thanks Julie, Amit and Taijal.....xoxoxo.