September 1, 2009

2nd Annual Back to School Concert

This past May I heard that the Jonas Brothers were going to be doing a concert in TO. We decided to get tickets since they were Tyler's favorite band. :) Last year we saw Avril Lavigne. :) The concert turned out to be great. Jody and I were really impressed with the vocals and the show in general. The opening acts were Honor Society and Jordan Sparks. Tyler was thrilled when Demi Levato also made a special appearance. I have to say there is nothing better then watching your daughter's eyes twinkle while she watches a band live that she watches on TV and reads about pretty much daily. :))) Jody and I both love music and were so happy to watch Tyler sing along to all the songs.

We had a wonderful weekend in Toronto with the Kumari family. They spoiled us rotten! Thanks Julie, Amit and Taijal.....xoxoxo.

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