September 28, 2009


Well I didn't change my "make a change day" and today I'm making a change. I am venturing on Day 1 of a one month cleanse. It is all natural, no pills....lots of fruits and vegetables. It's based on a book that my friend Tanya recommended called " Detox: The Process of Cleansing and Restoration" by Sara Rose. Overall we are healthy eaters but I will be eliminating Sugar, Wheat and Dairy for this cleanse. Day one so far has been good. I think the most difficult part will be no coffee. I'm really hoping that I will have the strength to stick to it. It's basically, fruits, veggies, beans and nuts (with a little bit of fish here and there). If I'm lucky maybe I'll drop a few pounds in the process. God knows my ass could use it :)

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The Perrys said...

If I could mainline caffine, I would. :)