March 16, 2010

Cancer Sucks!!

My family has another Angel looking down on us. We've recently lost my Mother-In-Law (MIL). She had a 2 year battle with Ovarian Cancer and unfortunately the cancer won. It certainly seems like it wins more often than least in my experience. She certainly fought hard. After her first chemotherapy she suffered a stroke which kept her without further treatment for 7 months. My MIL was such a kind soul and a bit of a spitfire all rolled into one. She had a difficult life raising 2 boys without a husband for many of them. For the past two years we have travelled to Fredericton most weekends to spend time with her. It such a strange thing knowing that you are going to lose someone. True there were weeks that I didn't really want to go, or I had other things I needed or wanted to do....but we would go. I was always glad in the end that we went. No regrets that for certain. I'm sure we spent more time with her in the last 2 years then the last 10. Since Christmas she really started to fade fast. I think she hid alot from us so we wouldn't worry. It seems weird not calling her to check in and see how she is feeling today. I guess it's hard to believe still. We miss you everyday Syl xoxo


simonne said...

I know this is commonly said..."but she did give it a good fight"
I think that cancer always gets you...once it has you...if not now, it will get you a little later.

After two is strange not to wonder how she is doing...

Jody said...

I am not sure it has fully registered with me yet. Love you babe.