April 16, 2010

Friendship equals Happiness

Ahhhhh.....what a great week. I had to go to Fredericton twice this week for appointments. The weather was beautiful for travel. The tunes and Howard were cranked. But most importantly....I got to meet up with two wonderful friends. One for a quick lunch. The other lunch at her house and a leisurely afternoon spent on her deck with her and my beautiful Goddaughter. Life is good. :)


simonne said...

Happy for you B!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be as happy as you Hon!!! I am trying so hard to be happy but it seems like someones always stabs me in the heart or in the back!!! Wish I could spend time with you so you could transfer a little bit of your energy to me!

MJ xxxx

The Perrys said...

Aww... nice! Aren't sunny days on the deck with good friends the best? :)