June 24, 2010

Patience....I'm running out!

So we've been wanting a cottage for a couple of years now. We have exhausted our search of all the local lakes. Either the drive is too far, or the price is ridiculous! Some of these cottages that have carpet, wallpaper, kitchens and bathrooms circa 1980 want $350k minimum. Whatever!

So now we are trying to purchase a lot...also frustrating. We are down to two lakes. Lots are available at both but aren't ready yet. The roads aren't completed, hasn't been approved by the Department of Environment....yada yada yada. Every week it's another story. Just let me buy a lot already before I'm freakin' 50! I would like to enjoy it while Tyler is still young.
Sorry Folks. Patience is not my thing right now. ARGHHHH!

Don't get me started again on the house across the street that still doesn't have a lawn! Mow your f@$%ing weeds and maybe you'll finally sell your damn house!!!!!


Rachel said...

Ahhh Lynn, maybe the wait is worth it. You want to find the *perfect* spot for you and your little family to enjoy for years to come. Don't rush the process. Isn't it fun searching?

Lynn said...

Yes it's fun, but now I just want to enjoy the peace of it all. It looks like we will be building so that won't start until next year (considering the roads aren't ready). Like I said, I have no patience right now. LOL

Rachel said...

I like your idea of picking a name for the cottage. My daughter and I tried to come up with one for our PEI house. Maybe the fact that we never decided on a name was an omen - we sold the house last spring. I still miss it, but it's kind of nice to not be tied down to going "home" every summer. Because we no longer have that obligation, I can go to Europe instead.

Go with a French name... it suits you better :)

Lynn said...

Awww......Europe....someday my friend I will finally get there. I'm so jealous!