September 19, 2010

Day 9 After Surgery

I'm Alive!

I gotta say this was such a journey for me and I'm still only jumping the first week hurdle.  My surgery was in Halifax a week ago Friday.  We arrived Wednesday night and I spent the day in the hospital on Thursday having impressions, X-rays, EKG, blood work, meeting the Oral Surgeon, Internist,  Anesthesiologist, etc.  It was a whirlwind day which ended with me taking an anxiety pill before bedtime.

6:00am surgery day. Arrived, signed in, met with final nurse, changed and off to surgery.  By this time I was a complete mess.  I couldn't stop crying.  So scared.  My thoughts filled with my daughter and husband.  Any surgery can have complications it was explained in full to me the day prior.  I just wanted to get through and see them both again.  I'm also claustrophobic, so the thoughts of being wired (or elasticized) shut terrified me.

The Anesthesiologist was kind and calming.  Said he was going to give me something to take the edge off.  He lied....I was out in seconds.  I'm sure the poor man thought he should just take me out of my misery.  I woke up several hours later in my room.  When Jody came in I started to cry.  But to be honest, I don't even remember that first day at all.  I was on Dilaudid and stoned out of my head.  By day three I was released for home.  6 hour drive ahead...not very excited.  They gave me a shot of gravol to keep nausea at bay and my pain meds.  Again, don't remember much of the drive thankfully.
This is how I looked on Day 4
You didn't think I was really gonna show you a picture did ya?  :P  Mom and Tyler came to visit this day but the day is really kinda of a blur.  The pain meds are strong (thankfully) but all medicine makes me woosy so narcotics are a whole different level!  I thought I was doing pretty good but later on in the middle of the night I became violently ill.  I was terrified......vomiting and jaw surgery were two of my worst fears.  I showed up at the hospital with a bucket for puking and a terrified look on my face.  I'm sure the nurses thought I had been badly beaten up.  I was bruised swollen and couldn't talk.  They quickly brought me in to the emergency room and could't stop the vomiting.  There was blood in my stomach and all the meds were making me so sick.  They hooked me up to an IV and later in the day I was better after receiving medication for people going through chemotherapy.

I think I scared my poor husband to death through all of this.  He has been the best nurse ever.  Through thick and thin he is always thankful.