June 13, 2012

Thought it was time to stop in say hello...

It's been awhile.  I dropped my blog like a much too heavy sack of potatoes.  Things are good and life moves on.  The best part is that summer is just around the corner.  We've been getting things ready at the cottage.  Decided to add a great hang out space in the loft above the garage.  I see lots of tween sleepovers and hopefully lots of visitors for the adults as well.

My daughter is about to turn 12.  Some days I feel like it's 12 going on 18.  Just recently she started her first "relationship".  Daddy was a little in shock to say the least.  He pretty much forbid it until we talked him down.  The fella is a nice boy...treats T very well....sweet actually.  Thankfully his Mom and I have known each other forever.  Makes things a little easier.  Well for me at least....Daddy is still in shock.  LOL

We are planning a big sleep over party at the Lake to celebrate T's 12th.  Should be fun to have lots of girls running around and enjoying the Lake.  Did I mention that the Lake is my happy place....ahhhhh....Summer and the cottage....life can't get much better.

Until next time (hopefully it won't be another year....peace out!