March 21, 2013

Clean Eating

My quest for a healthy life continues to go well.  We traveled to the Dominican for the March Break and for the first time, ever, I lost weight while on vacation.  I worked out, I meditated and I ate mindfully.  Who'd a thunk actually worked!  I've been trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals.  Truth be told I probably have at least 5 vegetarian dinners per week.  Tonight, while my family had turkey tacos, I chose to have this killer salad. 

Mixed salad greens with roasted sweet potato, avocado, shallots, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds with a homemade apple balsamic vinaigrette.  YUMM-O!


Jody said...

So proud of you honey, your doing great.

Lynn Wheeler said...

Thanks for always being so supportive! xo

simonne said...

Great work, B ...keep it up!